Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Richer than kings

Once my parents were living in their basement because their upstairs was being remodeled. While this was happening I was with my mom in said basement looking through a box full of old note cards, as in cards that you send to people. These were old cards, people, that belonged, originally, to one of my mom's deceased uncles. I think?

While sifting through these forgotten would-be-messages, I fell in love with this card. I asked my mom to give it to me, and so she did. Mom's do that sometimes. I asked her to write something inside of it, and she did that too.

Dear Elizabeth,
You are blessed. You's not poor! You've gotta Mama and a Papa, some Brudas and some Sistas. You got the moon and the sun and the stars. You's not poor, baby, no, you's not poor..... Miss Elizabeth you's richer than kings.

She right., right? Yeah. she is. About me. And probably about you too. You's not poor baby, you's richer than kings.

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Mim said...

I love that card! I wonder if those would be popular if they were re-printed as vintage cards?