Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Feel Frumpy

Because I wear baggy clothes, I don't blow dry my hair (well, I didn't do that before...but still) my makeup melts off and I am SO tired. I feel like all I do is sleep! At night in my bed, during the day in my bed, on the bus and in class. They say jet lag will wear off after a week....but I only have one more day before it is a week and I'm afraid I'll still be tired!  Okay, pictures. Here they are.

Can I just tell you that getting to this point, (flying out of the states on the rad German airline Lufthansa,) was one of the harder things I've done in my life. Not only did we experience the whole Phoenix fiasco but something went wrong almost every step of the way.
1. Boarding passes wouldn't print at the Phoenix airport
2. They wouldn't let me on our flight from Charlotte to DC because they had overbooked and I didn't have a spot. Luckily right before the plane took off they let a tear streaked, hopping mad me on the plane to find a seat next to what might be called a little more than pleasantly plump man who I was squished next to the entire flight. But I was just glad to be there.
3. In DC four out of our group, according to the airlines, didn't have any sort of booking or reservation or any other signification that they wanted to fly from DC to Frankfurt. Again, they were all able to board last filling the empty seats.
4. He** at Immigration
5. Lost baggage.

This is our huge plane parked in the overcast, muggyness of Frankfurt. (The only time I've ever set foot in Europe.)
Immigration was ridiculous. BYU told us not to tell them we're students because we need visas to be students in Israel and technically we're not.  So when I handed the lady my passport and said, "I'm part of a church sponsored program to see the sights of Israel, learning about the life of Christ" and the lady said "for how long?" and I said, "for three and a half months," I knew from the expression on her face I wasn't getting off that easy. "I don't believe you. What are you going to see for three months? How can there be that many things? It sounds like you are a student. I don't buy it."  It was terrible. The icing on the cake of the worst traveling experience I have ever had.  But eventually she let me through telling me, "you better be out in 3 months." 
This picture was in the baggage claim area.  Obviously I'm in a place that doesn't look too kindly on Americans.

Because 4 people's luggage had been lost we had to wait for an hour before we could leave the airport.
 After a 45 minute bus ride we finally arrived to the Jerusalem Center and I cried. (For the third time in three days.) I went to my room and fell on my bed and cried. I was so happy to finally be there. And even though I had seen pictures of the center and I knew it was beautiful, I was completely unprepared for how gorgeous it is. It is full of creamy golden light, smooth stone floors and huge round windows. The air outside is warm and just the right kind of windy.
Dome of the Rock

There are so many gummies in the old city!

Funny boys in the street.

The tomb of Mary. People lighting candles.

Most hilarious girl I've met here, Catie Legro.

The French Canadian priest, Michelle LeFeaux, at the Church of Saint Anne.  He asked us to sing hymns in the church because he said it gave him chills. We did and the acoustics were incredible.
Today at the church of the Holy Seplechure, a possible site of Christ's crucifixion.

 This sign is outside of Hebrew University, where I am now writing this blog. It is a 10 minute walk from the center and the internet is way faster!


Kanien said...

Lizzy, you are ALIVE!! I am so happy! Thanks for the update. I am so sorry things were so crazy. The best part is you will laugh about it when you get home. You best be bringing us some of those gummies! I will be dreaming about them until my birthday. ;)Love you.

Sarah said...

Holy Cow Lizzy! I would have totally cried too! I can't believe what you guys went through to get to the JC!! Well, the scripture goes that "after much tribulation come the blessings". So, after that tribulation, I hope you will have great blessings. Thank you so much for posting these pictures. Such a treat. Keep posting when you have the chance :)

Mim said...

Wow! I'm so glad you made it!! And it looks like it was worth it so far. It's amazing you get to see all those sites. Do you feel like you stick out when you go site seeing? Hopefully they don't give you too much homework, but if they do, just tell them you're not a student. :)

Jon W. said...

I love how the Church's position on some things is, "Just lie to the officials." Of course you're students. There's nothing else you could be. Are you getting credit for this? Yes.....then you're a student, right?

It was this way in Italy, too. We had to obtain residency permits and had to lie in order to get them. Sure, I had all sorts of people tell me why that lie had to be told: it saves time, it saves money, it's the only way to do what we need to do in the time we have to do it. We rationalized it all we wanted, but it was still a lie.

Heather said...

Lizzy! You are amazing. I'm so glad you are getting this fantastic will seriously change your life. And thanks for doing this allows me to re-live it all vicariously through you! Love ya!


Katherine and Rick said...

Lizzy, thanks for the wonderful pictures. I'm so glad you made it, and I know you will have a wonderful time

Katherine Wallin said...

Thank Columbus for all those Gummy Worms. When he couldn't find much gold he decided to bring over sugarcane to the Caribbean--all those natives would be free labor for a very unpleasant refining process--I wish were there with you! Israel and all it is and was is awesome. You look great in spite of jet lag and no sleep. Lovely pictures!

Spencer Wallin said...

When I first read the title I thought it said, "Lumpy" not "Frumpy" and I thought, well she doesn't really look that lumpy. I'm glad you didn't say lumpy.

Jonathan said...

LIZZY I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE IN JERUSALEM! And what a fiasco getting there. How scary that they almost wouldn't let you in once you got there. But it looks like all is well now and that you are having a great adventure. I'm jealous of all the cool things you get to see and experience. Now there will be three people in our office who have been to Jerusalem. Stay safe and have fun!