Sunday, November 13, 2011


Today in West Jerusalem Scott tried to buy a Jelly-filled doughnut from a stand in the open air market. It went like this:

Scott: Does this doughnut have jelly in it?
Man: Jelly? Yes.
Scott: (skeptically) Jelly, really?
Man: Yes. Jelly. Strawberry. Very, very good.

So he buys the jelly-filled doughnut. Then, instead of walking away, Scott stands in front of the man and begins to eat the doughnut. The man nervously looks at Scott as he slowly takes one bite, then two, then three. Still no jelly. He keeps biting the bread, all the while looking directly at the man. And then he says, "there's no jelly." "No jelly?" "Yeah there wasn't any jelly in the doughnut."

So the man says something in Hebrew to his friend and they both start examining the remaining pile of jellyless doughnuts. They pick each one up, look at its bottom and set it back down. After they've touched every single one, the man says, "no jelly," and he shrugs his shoulders. Scott just looks at him, not saying anything. And finally, in a huff, the man opens the register and gives him half of his shekels back.

So funny.

This is a random picture when we went into West Jerusalem and listened to the street music and ate the street food. Best crepe I've ever had. Love it.


Laurissa said...

That is awesome. If this had happened in America I'm sure someone would soon be sponsoring a law against unlawful sell of donuts without jelly, purporting to be donuts with jelly.

Kristin Wallin said...

ahahahahaha! I'm glad Scott got his money back.

Marianne said...

HAHA Lizzy, I love this story! Glad you are having a fun time in jerusalem.

Karie said...

Fun story Lizzy. The group picture is great, you are more beautiful than ever! We miss you.