Saturday, May 12, 2012


This morning when I tried to pick up my Bountiful Basket at 7AM my car wouldn't start. Then when my blessed roommate gave me a ride to the "pick up location," I was too early. After driving home, then driving back to pick up the basket, then driving home again it was 8:30. Bad mornings, where your car wont start and where you look like a fool for getting to places early, are hard to recover from. So, I decided to go back to bed. I wanted to give myself a second morning. A second chance.

I had a class at 11AM and as I was falling asleep I thought, "should I set an alarm? Nah. Who sleeps in for something that starts at 11?" I woke up at 11:15.

When I got back from my class, well, the toilet in my apartment overflowed. And when I took the bag of toilet-watered rags to the laundromat across the street I put the rags and detergent in one machine and then accidentally put the quarters in another.

What am I to do?
My roommate Hillary told me to just go to bed now before I cause any real damage. 

or I could LAUGH.

And I have. Lots and lots. Because none of my mishaps really matter, thank goodness. 

Happy Saturday all!

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Miriam Gibson said...

Hahaha! Don't you love how some days are like that? I miss you!