Sunday, October 30, 2011

Jordan. "indeed"

I would love to have a terribly witty way (rhymes, or a cross word) to present the fabulous, four day trip I had in Jordan. But for lack of time and wit, I will just say this:
Jordan is like fresh tomatoes on a thin crust pizza.
And I love fresh tomatoes on a thin crust. And I love Jordan. It was friendly, blustery and felt like a movie adventure. We saw desert, river and rock. And the rock was cool because the rock was Petra.

This is site where John the Baptist was beheaded. I apologize for looking so cheerful. Sarah and I had just finished performing the Jon Wallin cover of "the Good the Bad and the Ugly" theme song.

Before I came to the middle east, I bragged to my little sister that I was going to ride a camel. Alas, I haven't and don't think I will. Though not an animal rights activist, there is something inherently wrong in paying this man 10 dinar to take part in abusing this poor creature, though grotesque he may be. This is in Petra, by the way. PETRA.

As I was taking this picture the owner of they "why not" shop said, (in the same way a circus master announces an act,) "WELCOME!, to the....why not shop!" Drum roll.

This is at the top of the world. According to the sign to your right. That you can't see because it isn't in the picture. At least I know it is at the top of Petra....because I climbed to that flag.

Only read this if you know anything about Lawrence of Arabia. This is part of the remaining railway system that Lawrence of Arabia bombed in his attempt to unite the Arab states. That's why it is cool.

Sir Thomas is mimicking the man. 

I was crowned Queen of Amman! 

Prayer tower at the Abdullah mosque.

His name is Yousef and he was our guide and he was fantastic! His English was superb, improved by the fact that he said "indeed" every chance he got. 

We went to a museum/ ancient city and there were children there on a field trip. They were gorgeous. All of them wanted me to take their picture and show it to them and they all told me their names.

They are so beautiful!

My roommate Melissa and I at the Jabbok river. 
One of the best parts of this trip was meeting up with my good friend James who is in Jordan doing the Arabic study abroad. He took me all around Amman and fed me all sorts of street food that was forbidden by our doctor. But what won't we do for a little schwarma? 

My reward for eating the street food? I got very sick and was bed ridden for an entire day with a fever and other unmentionable things. It was wretched, to say the least. But I am feeling wonderfully better now!


Laurissa said...

Wow, it's so beautiful. You should ride the camel. You're giving that man employment and the camel's not going anywhere if you don't. He probably wants to get up and stretch his legs.

I love the picture of you with the children. They are beautiful. Can't wait to see you in December!

Spencer Wallin said...

I liked the part about rocks. It looks like a huge desert there. awesome post.

Kristin Wallin said...

As always everything looks amazing! I am a little disappointed in you not riding the furry spitting animal; because from this computer screen in good ol' Kaysville Utah that camel looks pretty dang exciting. Oh well, that only means you have to make up a story for me about how you rode a dirty camel which could prove to be more interesting. Love you and miss you!

Miriam said...

Hahaha! I'm sorry you got sick. Just don't kiss the locals, and you'll be safe from week-long illnesses.

Karie said...

Love the picture of you and James!