Saturday, October 15, 2011


I have been doing things and here are some pictures.
Once we went on a field trip and this is where they took us....somewhere where we herded sheep and goats. 

This one is my friend.

A girl named Rivkah braided my hair. She is a braider virtuoso. 

This was at our Arab culture night! We dressed up, ate delicious Arab food and had a presentation from two shakes about the Koran and the call to prayer.

A bakery in West Jerusalem!

Synagogue on a fast day.


We went to an organ concert and this was the star. He was incredible. His back was so sweaty and the acoustics in the church were amazing.


Caroline said...

Those goats look awesome. I would love it if you brought one home for me, it could be my pet.

That organ player looks like a star, too bad he was sweaty.

can.moose730 said...

Hey Lizzy - Awesome adventures!!!!
I sent you an email about work to your gmail; Diane is super emphatic that you get this information and get back to her.

Can't wait to see you!!!

Laurissa said...

Goats, organ concerts, bakeries, ahh!

Kristin Wallin said...

Wow! All of that looks amazing! I braided my hair in a french braid last night for the first time and it was... let's just say you could now start calling me a braider virtuoso. (okay, maybe not that good)

Miriam said...

I love the blue blue skies and the clouds in your pictures. It looks pretty incredible!