Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Run With a View

One of the best parts of my day begins when I crawl out of bed and quietly change into my long exercise pants and baggy t-shirt. I wait outside my room in the commons area and hope Marianne and Sarah managed to pull themselves out of bed too, (sometimes they are the ones hoping), because we have to run in groups of three or more. We walk the three flights of stairs to the top entrance, scan our cards at the gate, wave to the security guards and start our run. There are only two routes we are allowed to take and even though we pound the same pavement everyday, it doesn't feel repetitive. It feels really good. And the view is gorgeous.

On Friday a few of us walked to a synagogue along the same streets we run and I snapped some pictures of what we see every morning.

Marianne! My stalwart running buddy. This picture was outside the old city wall. 

And wonderful Sarah! This is the only picture I have of her. She is on the left and Sister Skinner, our program director's wife, is in the middle. We were in the Blue Mosque in Turkey.


dspencer said...

So. . . I like reading this better than doing my homework. :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences and pictures. I really liked the stories you told about the celebration by the Western Wall, and your sunrise picture.
Danielle Spencer

Miriam said...

Wow! Those views are gorgeous! It's incredible how the ancient and modern are side by side there. Thanks for the pictures, we miss you!