Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"The mold of fashion" tourist style

Sites of the world are cool and all, but sometimes sites of humans distract me. Some people are so fabulous looking. Here are the fruits of my labor.

Pearls in the middle of ancient Greek ruins? Yes please.

I think I want to be this woman when I hit middle age. 


You can't see this man's wife but rest assured that she dragged him here.

Classy. I wish I were her friend.

Heels and a pencil skirt. Be impressed with this woman's stamina.

Great shot. 

Who wears a onezie jumpsuit? She does. And well. 

This family of sailor hats is for you mom. :) I won't forget those days.
"My name is Siddel, I am from Switzerland, I have lots of money and there is a purple sweater tied around my neck."


andi jo said...

I approve :)

Spencer Wallin said...

that's so awesome. I don't have the nerve to just take pictures of people. Way to go lizzy!

Katherine and Rick said...

What were you wearing?

Kristin Wallin said...

Still laughing! I expect to see more!

Jonathan said...

Wow. I feel like you should do an exhibit of this at the MOA! This is seriously a great idea. And hilarious.

Jonathan said...

it's just so interesting to see these people with these ruins as the backdrop. call it "people in the ancient modern world."

Miriam said...

Those are awesome Lizzy! Did you ask them if you could take their pictures, or just snap away pretending to get a good shot of the ruins?

Lizzy said...

@Mom. Something unattractive and tourist-ish. No scarf. I think that's my problem.
@Miriam. All snap shots. :)I got pretty good at running in front of someone and taking an over the shoulder pic.

Caroline said...

Lol. I'm glad you got some good people watching in. I MISS YOU!